With the massive library available to owners of the playstation portable, its only natural that some games be overlooked, so, to remedy this, here are 10 games for sony’s first handheld that could use more love. Portable part dungon crawling rpg, part high school sim, part monster collector.

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I, ii, iii, iv got remasters for the psp as well as ff tactics war of the lions.

Psp rpg games reddit. They're just putting less manpower into the game (fc didn't sell well),. Crisis core ff7 an action rpg prequel to ff7. Same price but the psp dracula x is two games.

Loh trails in the sky fc. Rpg games, where romance is dominant. Those are the first off the top of my head, i'd have to check others on my list of games.

Joint assault alien syndrome aliens vs. Hey everyone i'm looking for some psp games where you can create your own character or characters. If you visit their forums xseed have confirmed they are still working on sc.

Ffiii/vi, mario rpg and starfox are the only games i've had any lag with on the snes (and batman: All tied up with a gripping story and one of the catchiest soundtracks on the psp. We all know the storyline for the next title in our list of the best psp games.

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For the price though, get dracula x chronicles and not the ps1 classic. Olorin, it's a traditional rpg where you open up more areas as you explore. The current king is switch, it has mountains of amazing games both new and old even if the original switch first games aren’t as spectacular.

Just visit the psp roms download section to get a suitable emulator and game files. Players can control both carl and russel the lovable boy scout as they move between the game’s levels. The psp actually ended up with a significant number of good rpgs, probably the best classic rpg would be the legend of heroes:

Most emulators for psp are effectively final, and unless you're trying to run the n64 or ds emulator, damn near every game should run close to perfectly. If you just want rpg elements but like action game play then castlevania symphony of the night is great. Hello everyone, i am trying to compile a complete list of all the games on psp that supports cooperative gameplay.

Try praying to a different god. The playstation portable had a long, fruitful life, featuring many great exclusive games, as well as enhanced releases of older games. This is the largest and safest collection of roms psp!

Yggdra union blows through, shattering the mold into tiny, unrecognizable bits. Unlosing ranger vs darkdeath evilman is a cross. Also please let me know if they're good or bad because unfortunatley my psp is unhackable and i'm not buying another one so far i've played soul calibur broken destiny and tales of the world.

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Yes, it’s a port of a pc title, but this 3d action rpg feels right at home on the psp. You can also get ffvii, viii, ix from the play store (have to manually search them.) dissidia 012 duodecim is a final fantasy fighting. Super meat boy switch nsp/xci + update

One of the best games on the psp period. I’d only put neo the world ends with you, crosscode (which did hit pc first), and breath of the wild (which i only count as an rpg every other day lol) as legendary original rpgs on the system. Top 3 off the top of my head:

The final fantasy games for psp are pretty great. This would be great if it could become a sticky thread of some sort but whatever. Few games have dared to break the mold.

Olorintheotaku (topic creator) 3 years ago #7. I wonder how the psp dungeon siege compares to the original.

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